Gor SG Ocholla accuses former officials of meddling

Gor SG Ocholla accuses former officials of meddling

Gor Mahia secretary general Sam Ocholla is pointing an accusing finger at former club officials for interfering with the smooth running of the club. According to Ocholla, the new office has tried to put Gor on track but the former officials are intruding so much into their affairs.

“The big problem we have in Gor is the interference by some former officials. They brought replica jerseys from China and we have blocked the sales of their jerseys. They are stranded with the consignment hence want to disrupt our running of the club,’’ explained Ocholla.

The club boss also took issue with those castigating him for selling original jersey through Jumia saying he is the one who kitted Gor Mahia, adding that the kits are the ‘best’ Gor has ever had.

“I am the one who kitted Gor. What is their problem if I am selling extra kits on Jumia? They had their time in office and never went this far.’’

Ocholla explained that despite having salary arrears for some players, they have improved the situation so much from the time they took over office saying as of the time they were elected, the club owed some players as much as eight months salary arrears which they have reduced to as little as two months.

Ocholla told Citizen Digital that they are working on strategies that will see players get their salaries on time and completely bury the salaries and allowances delay issue.

“In the next three months, the salary issue will have been sorted out and thing will be probably up to date,’’ added Ocholla.

The current set of officials have been involved in a war of words with their predecessors over the sale of merchandise via Jumia and Ocholla has rubbished them off everything is in order.

Club treasurer Dolphina Odhiambo had earlier clarified that the sale through Jumia was not in contrast with the office principal, noting that the office is fully aware of the deal but ex-club officials have always raised concern about the online sale of kits.

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