Favourites ease to volleyball semis in Vihiga

Favourites ease to volleyball semis in Vihiga

Vihiga County Secondary Schools volleyball champions Mudavadi Girls spiked their way to the semi-finals after sealing sweeping Pool A wins in Kaimosi on Wednesday.

Mudavadi charged to straight set wins over Bunyore Girls (25-11, 25-13, 25-20) and hosts Kaimosi Girls (25-16, 25-15, 25-14) to progress as group winners while Vokoli who finished second also reached the last 4.

Vokoli registered wins over Ebusilolo (3-0) and Kaimosi (3-2) to secure their semis date with St. Bakhitas who topped Pool B while Mudavadi who are eyeing a third straight title will face Ikobero.

In the Boys’ category, holders Chavakali showed why they are a class apart from the rest as they roared to their second and third straight set wins in Pool A to reach the semis in dominant fashion.

After blowing apart Kegoye (3-0) in Tuesday’s opener, Chavakali swatted aside their Wednesday opponents by similar scorelines with Nyang’ori (25-12, 25-21, 25-17) and Ekwanda (25-10, 25-10, 25-10) falling victims of their ruthlessness.

Nyang’ori sailed through as first runners-up and will face Pool B toppers Vihiga as Mmbale take on Chavakali.



Football Boys U-19

Ebwali 1-0 Vihiga

Chavakali 5-0 Chango

Chavakali 5-0 Nyang’ori

Ebwali 5-0 Ebunangwe

Football Girls U-19

Lusengeli 1-0 Ebusakami

Mudavadi 4-0 Ikobero

Madira 3-1 St. Bakhitas

Kaimosi 3-2 Kwiliba

Muhudu 0-0 Ebusakami

Mudavadi 4-0 Ebusiloli

Football Boys U-16

Emusire 0-2 Chavakali

Kaimosi 1-0 Mmbale

Chango 1-0 Imusutsu

Ebusiloli 5-0 Hobunaka

Ebwali 2-0 Emusire

Kegoye 1-1 Kaimosi

Football Girls U-16

St. Clair 2-1 Bunyore

Mudavadi 2-0 Kwiliba

Igunga 3-0 Bunyore

Mudavadi 2-0 Kilingili

Kaimosi 8-0 Ebusiloli

Volleyball Boys

Mmbale 3-2 Senende

Mmbale 3-0 Ebubayi

Vihiga 3-0 Emusire

Ebubayi 3-2 Emusire

Vihiga 3-0 Senende

Chavakali 3-0 Nyang’ori

Chavakali 3-0 Ekwanda

Nyang’ori 3-0 Kegoye

Ematsuli 3-0 Ekwanda

Kegoye 3-0 Ematsuli

Volleyball Girls

Mudavadi 3-0 Bunyore

St. Bakhitas 3-0 Ibubi

Vokoli 3-2 Kaimosi

Mudavadi 3-0 Kaimosi

Bunyore 3-1 Ebusiloli

Ibubi 3-0 St. Bakhitas

Ikobero 3-1 Erusui

Erusui 3-0 Madira

St. Bakhitas 3-2 Ikobero

Vokoli 3-0 Ebusilolo

Netball Girls

Madira 46-34 Gisambai

Bugina 40-30 I.V.S

Ibubi 38-29 Gaigedi

Kaimosi 35-18 Bunyore

Madira 39-17 Kilingili

Chavavo 39-21 I.V.S