Equity’s Maina urges KBF to announce league resumption date

Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) sides Equity Bank and Equity Hawks coach David Maina has lamented the federation’s delay to confirm the date when the top league resumes, saying it is derailing their preparations.

Maina who considers the two teams as title contenders this season, is worried the delay could jeopardise their ambitions since his players are yet to pitch camp ahead of the season’s return, owing to the uncertainty.

The coach feels KBF should be proactive to release revised fixtures, awaiting the government’s nod to resume the league that was halted in March.

“I’m having a hard time monitoring the progress of my players who are scattered at the moment. I’m limited to guiding them too on their individual training but we are worse off in terms of training as a unit,” said Maina.

Maina is more so concerned that his ladies’ team may find it hard to achieve the fitness levels that saw characterised their scintillating start to the season prior to the government’s decision to halt sports owing to Covid-19.

“Since we are yet to receive communication regarding the league restart, we are afraid that they may ambush us by announcing that the league will resume next week. The ladies could probably have put on weight during the time they have been away from us which will be a huge impediment for us in trying to pick up from where we left,” he noted.

He continued, “We are hoping the federation will give us a minimum period of two weeks of preparations to ensure that everyone attains some level of fitness,” concluded the coach.

The seasoned tactician has set a semi-final finish as the minimum target this season, and is counting on his big squad for the remaining fixtures to deliver.

For each match before the break, Maina had each of his 10 players for the day on the court, all averaging nine minutes per game.

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