Branch chiefs stance on FKF elections

Branch chiefs stance on FKF elections

All the 20 Football Kenya Federation (FKF) branch officials have dismissed suggestions to form a normalization committee insisting there is no crisis to warrant such an action.

The branches also pointed out that the current office has managed to create stability and resorting to a normalization committee will reverse all the gains that have been made in the last four years.

North East South chairman Abdulahi Salat said normalization committees are an opportunity for unpopular officials to come into office.
“We do not need such a committee for now.

These are for weak people who have no support and are looking for short-cut to come into office. Let the elections be repeated since we have a board in place for that purpose.”

South Rift secretary Alfred Kirui termed the current office led by Nick Mwendwa is the most vibrant that has lifted soccer standards.

“We have a good infrastructure and the eligibility was brought in place to ensure that only those who are interested in football take up administrative roles,” he said.

Hussein Dima the chairman of Upper Eastern branch said since coming into office, there is a lot of progress at the grassroots.

“We have not missed any major events and avoided wrangles and maintained stability even though we came into office saddled by huge debts.”

South Coast chairman Gabriel Mghendi said those advocating for a normalisation committee have nothing to lose.

“They do not know the kind of impact that move can have. We are not in a crisis but this will push us into one.
Western branch secretary Kelwin Elegwa said the current officials have not refused to vacate office.

“Twice the electoral process was interrupted and it shows they were ready to leave if they lost. As it is, we do not have a vacuum at all to warrant a normalization committee.”

Other branch Chairmen holding the same view include Michael Majua (FKF Nairobi East), Eric Makokha (North Western), Yobes Onkanga (Nyanza South), and Kenneth Rutto (Central Rift).

Gordon Davies Chege (Aberdares Branch), Bernard Lagat (North Rift Branch), Moses Akali (Western Branch), Fuad Ali (North Coast Branch), and David Bunei (South Rift Branch) also registered similar position.

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