Woman arrested over bomb scare incident at Doctors Park in Nairobi

Woman arrested over bomb scare incident at Doctors Park in Nairobi

Police in Nairobi have arrested a woman believed to have been behind the bomb scare incident at Doctors Park in Parklands on January 30.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) described the woman, Meera Dinesh Patel, as the prime suspect adding that she was arrested by detectives from the Anti Terror Police Unit (ATPU) following scrutiny of CCTV footage.

She is suspected to have been the one who left a note that was dropped on the building’s 5th floor, intimating a plot to bomb the premises.

The note read: “Kesho ni Ijumaa… Sisi  ta bomoa Doctors Park yenu. Mimi bado niko kwa building yenu… Bomoa hizi doctors park yenu. Chungeni. Wahindi zote uta chomewa ndani.”

According to the DCI, the incident occurred two days after the former manager of the property retired and was replaced.

Ms Dinesh, a tenant at the establishment, had apparently expressed interest in taking up the manager’s position but was not successful.

“CCTV reviews beefed up by other corroborative evidence has so far placed her at the core of this investigation, & remains in custody pending arraignment,” said the DCI.

“We warn each member of the public against engaging in any such hoax that might cause terror to/interrupt the peace of other persons, as appropriate punitive and lawful actions will be taken against them.”

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