Widow hacked to death, body tied to bed with leso

Widow hacked to death, body tied to bed with leso

A man from Bungoma County is said to have hacked to death a 42-year-old widow whom he had been living with.

The man identified as 46-year-old Geoffrey allegedly killed Helen Namalwa aka Hadija after accusing her of having an affair with a neighbour.

The neighbour had visited their home at Nangeni A village in Mayanja sub location in Bumula constituency and when he left, a quarrel ensued.

Hadija was hacked her on the head with a jembe and stabbed her on the neck and thigh with a kitchen knife before being tied on their bed with a leso.

Her children apparently heard her screaming and ran to their grandmother screaming that she was being killed.

The man fled the scene and is suspected to have sought refuge in Uganda.

He is originally from Lwandanyi area in Sirisia constituency and is said to have been released from jail last year after he was convicted over a criminal offence.

He moved in with Hadija in February this year after her husband Elija Masinde died a few years ago leaving her to fend for her young children.

Geofrey Wekesa Maungu the clan chairman said they had had a difficult time finding out where his own home was because he did not have an identity card.

Hadija however would hear none of their concerns and even threatened to kill herself if the man was chased away.

‘’We decided to let them live together since he was assisting her in small shamba chores and looking after the family animals,’’ the chairman said.

Witnesses claim they saw the suspect fleeing the scene with blood stains and when he was confronted, he ignored the question and alleged that he had been sent to the market.

The body of the deceased has since been moved to Bungoma Referral Hospital morgue.