What Makes Bitcoin An Unstoppable Force? 

What Makes Bitcoin An Unstoppable Force? 

The buzz around cryptocurrency has been massive in recent years. Many corporate giants are now declaring cryptocurrency as the “next big thing” – regardless of what the future holds, one can say that Bitcoin has already gained a lot of power and fame.

The fact of the matter is what makes it unstoppable? At its core Bitcoin is just a digital currency, but why has the impact been so enormous?

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The main aspect of cryptocurrency that sets it apart from the conventional currency is the fact that digital currencies are not centralized. Everything that happens on the blockchain is end-to-end encrypted hence safe from any breaches.

Moreover, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make the owner more powerful – there is no middle man involved such as banks. The transaction, therefore, is speedy. People are enjoying this power more than anything.

Cross-country Transaction

On top of that, there are no limits on cross-country transactions – A trader in China can transfer his dues to someone in the USA without any hassle and paying extra transaction fees.

Exchange of currency and their volatile rates, often make it hard for people to keep track of their money while traveling. Bitcoin has made the whole process easy, there is one currency that works around the globe. It means that there is no need to exchange your native currency to travel.


Cryptocurrency is highly secure and due to it being a digital currency with an e-wallet. People can buy anything online, without worrying about security breaches. A notable example of businesses involving cryptocurrency as a payment option is Tesla – now buyers can get their hands on a Tesla via Bitcoin.

Perks of Blockchain

The blockchain keeps track of each and every transaction, making it more secure and fraud-free. But, cash on the other handle is hard to handle. In the foreseeable future, money laundering and other such frauds could be avoided as it is impossible to make any fake receipts and transactions on the Blockchain.

Moreover, Governments can make use of this technology, to keep track of the taxes. There have been many instances of governments cracking down on mafias who deploy fake cash but with Bitcoin, there isn’t any possibility of such acts. No one can make a duplicate Bitcoin.

High Returns on Investment

All of the above reasons are valid for the success of Bitcoin. However, the investment side of it is a force to reckon with. In the past, the value of Bitcoin has surged enormously. People all over the globe are finding their way to invest in the world of digital currency to make use of this opportunity.

Some people are still skeptical about their money. However, Bitcoin has been proving people wrong with massive returns on investments. But the rush of adrenaline that it provides is something people appreciate.


Bitcoin has gained massive popularity in the last few years. There are several reasons that make it an unstoppable force in the 21st century.

First, Bitcoin is decentralized, there is no middle man involved. People do not have to be bound by banks and their rules. Rather they can manage their own assets. Similarly, the secure nature of Bitcoin is another attraction. The blockchain makes sure that no one can hack into your e-wallet. Every transaction is recorded and saved in a block – which makes it easier for people to keep track of their digital currency – unlike cash.

Finally, people are able to invest in Bitcoin to gain massive profits. They are storming websites that help them trade their coins such as Bitcoin Power. The profits are touching the sky with every passing day. Therefore, people are excited to adapt to this new player in the market. Big names in the industry such as Tesla are now accepting payments in Bitcoins – proving that this wave of Cryptocurrency is here to stay.

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