Wambora, Mbarire in a rare show of unity

Wambora, Mbarire in a rare show of unity

A section of Jubilee leaders and aspirants in Embu County have elected Jubilee Party county interim officials, whose names will be presented to the party headquarters on Wednesday.

In rare show of unity, arch rivals for the various political seats in Embu met and agreed on the 19 names in a ceremony attended by Embu Governor Martin Wambora and his rival and Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire.

Governor Wambora, MP Cecily Mbarire and Kithinji Kiragu, who for the last three years have not sat under one roof with their supporters without degenerating into shouting matches, reportedly sat pensively and agreed on the list.

The leaders, however, turned their guns on Senator Lenny Kivuti accusing him of trying to edge them out of the party.

Governor Wambora pledged to work closely with other leaders during the campaigns, with Ms Mbarire calling for unity among the leaders.

Ms Mbarire said that Embu County was greater than all the politicians and those trying to divide the county will not go far.

Mbarire added that the unity displayed by leaders in agreeing on the names was sign that during the campaigns leaders will not cause chaos but differ in ideology.

She called upon Senator Kivuti to work with other leaders, as it was the only assurance that the county was working towards peace and harmony for the residents.

The leaders resolved to drum up support for the Jubilee Party and it’s presidential candidate during the 2017 election and called on residents to rally behind the party as well as register as voters.


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