Viusasa: Kenya’s most popular platform is now bigger, better, cheaper

Viusasa: Kenya’s most popular platform is now bigger, better, cheaper

When it comes to creation and dissemination of content be it video, audio or text, there has been a new kid on the block: Viusasa.

It is now bigger, better and even cheaper.

“We are putting back into the market a more revamped platform and soon thereafter a website as well,” said George Waititu, the managing director of Content Aggregation Limited.

According to Caroline Wanyama, the Group Marketing Director at Royal Media Services, convenience is a major element that has been introduced onto the platform.

“We went out and listened to the audience, got their feedback and created features that will add value to what exists currently. You may at an area where there is free internet, Wifi, which was a major barrier earlier but now you can download videos and ho watch them later,” she said.

In addition to features, there is more news on the Viusasa platform; syndicated news from multiple websites.

Aside from that, Waititu also notes that more and more musicians have been requesting for their music to be added onto Viusasa.

“What we’ve done is to add vale to that by creating DJ mixes so that you don’t have to labour too much if you have a party or an event and you’d like to play music, you have an option of what type of music to play,” he said.

Waititu adds that Viusasa is like a supermarket where you find everything you need in one place instead of having to move from one platform to another.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) content is also available on Viusasa such as how to do your makeup, how to cook, different recipes, start a business and many others.

There is a lot of sports content, dramas in vernacular and now users can also generate their own content.

“We have introduced an upload feature where users can put up their own content onto the platform and we have reduced the price to only Ksh.10 to access all the videos,” Waititu said.

With an additional Ksh.5 users can now access both the videos and the music on Viusasa.

Another new feature is Wakili Mkononi, an idea that was inspired by an existing gap in the country where most Kenyans do not have information on how to handle legal matters or even where to find lawyers.

Creatives also have a chance with Viusasa to put out their talent and make money from it.

“Kenyans who feel they have shows that should be showcased on Viusasa, Viusasa is for them. It is all about their consumer, the viewer, the end user,” Wanyama said.