Veterinary Board Puts ‘Impostors’ on Notice

Veterinary Board Puts ‘Impostors’ on Notice

The board chairman Mwenda Mbaka asked Kenyans to demand identification from those seeking to treat their animals, adding that all genuine veterinary doctors have badges, which have seals from the board and operate with identification.

He said farmers should not allow anyone to treat their animals without professional identification as they are bound to cause more harm than good.

This comes after several cases of animal mismanagement were reported in the 47 counties.

The chairman was addressing the press during a three-day Annual Scientific Conference for Veterinary Doctors at Itoya Hotel in Busia County.

He called on the government to employ more veterinary doctors in a bid to address the rising cases of imposter veterinary officers.

The chairman noted that animals given overdose drugs or mis-diagnosed usually carry residues in products like milk, meat or eggs which can affect consumers if used for a given period.

He said the overdose animal's product cannot be exported to international market and hence affect farmers economically.

By Musalia Wycliffe