Varsity student kills self, leaves suicide note

Varsity student kills self, leaves suicide note

A second year student at Chuka University committed suicide on Wednesday night allegedly over a love affair.

According to the police, Kevin Mugendi Warui hang himself from the roof using a rope.

Meru South OCPD Saiya Baraza said the Computer Science student left a six-page suicide note that pointed to a relationship gone sour.

“There is this one time I caught Njeri with a man inside her room and when I tried to ask her about it she told me she had moved on and I could go ahead and hang myself if I wished to ,” the note reads.

He was apparently referring to a lady by the name Stella Njeri Kagendo. The blood-stained note revealed that this was not his first suicide attempt.

“The blood is necessary for my spirit to come back….not sure but probably. Pleaase Stella must see these letters..Please, till we meet again my love,” the letter concludes.

The body has been removed to the mortuary at Chuka County Referral Hospital awaiting a postmortem.