US Pastor: God sent locusts to Kenya because of corruption

US Pastor: God sent locusts to Kenya because of corruption

American preacher Rick Wiles now claims that the locust swarms wreaking havoc in Kenya are a punishment for corruption from God.

Speaking to Trunews, Wiles, a far-right conspiracy theorist and non-denominational senior pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Florida said he had been forced to pay a bribe while doing charity work in Kenya.

“I had sent well-drilling rigs to Kenya where they are dying of thirst, and I was trying to dig wells for them to give water to them, at the port of Mombasa I was told I had to pay a KSh.8M charity tax, it was sad,” he said.

He went on to say that in all the countries he has toured, Kenya is the most corrupt and deceptive, adding that the locust menace is a plague sent as retribution for sins.

“There are stages of judgment and Kenya has had drought. Now it’s going into famine, God sends punishments in different ways, I’m not surprised that there are locusts swarms in Kenya right now.” He told Trunews.

While describing how God is meting out the punishment by sending locusts to eat all the farm produce, Wiles said he is hoping the locusts will eat the deception and the lying while at it.

He also compared what is happening to Kenya with the Corona Virus outbreak in China and other parts of the world, saying that God is sending plagues to sinful nations.

He suggested the virus started in China because of the “godless communist government that persecutes Christians” and “forced abortions” — and said the “death angel” could have eyes on the US.

“When we choose not to bend our knees, Then the Lord cranks up the pressure, look at what’s happening in Kenya and what’s happening to America, it’s also what’s happening in China,”he added.

He is the founder of the Dallas-based Trunews- a Christian ministry which is known for promoting racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

During the Obama regime, Trunews courted controversy with claims that Obama was ‘a devil from hell’ who was waging a ‘Jihadist war’ against the US from the comfort of the White House.