Ukraine plane crash: Iran will not give black box, media says

Ukraine plane crash: Iran will not give black box, media says

Iran will not give the blackbox from the Ukraine plane crash to plane-maker Boeing, media reports indicate.

Mehr news agency quoted the head of Tehran’s civil aviation organization Ali Abedzadeh after the Ukraine plane crashed, killing all 176 onboard.

Abedzadeh also said it was not clear which country Iran would send the box to so that its data could be analyzed.

The Ukrainian plane crash is the first fatal incident for Kiev-based UIA.

It was not immediately clear what caused the crash, though Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency cited unspecified technical problems.

Founded in 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, planes operated by UIA had suffered technical problems in flight over the years but had never crashed before.

UIA says on its website it had been awarded the IOSA – the IATA Operational Safety Audit certificate.

This means its operational and safety standards were fully in line with international requirements.

The airline has a fleet of 42 planes made up of various Boeings including 737-800s and 737-900s, according to the website.

It also operates Embraer aircraft; financial problems forced it to scale back its route network last year.

UIA is in the process of trying to modernize its fleet and has ordered three Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

It has not yet taken delivery of them due to continuing safety concerns over the MAX project.

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