Uhuru’s surge in anger is to cover up for ineptitude – ODM

Uhuru’s surge in anger is to cover up for ineptitude – ODM

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta to declare his interests in Mombasa and Turkana counties alleging that government has hired anonymous persons to monitor the governors of the two counties.

ODM demands comes back on the heels of bitter verbal exchange between the Head of State and the two governors; Ali Hassan Joho (Mombasa) and Josephat Nanok (Turkana), both of whom are vocal members of the opposition’s National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition.

Enmity between President Kenyatta and Mombasa County Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, hit roof high on Monday, March 13, when the President was re-launching Mtongwe Ferry Services in Mombasa.

Government security officers prevented Governor Joho from attending the president’s function by restricting him to his offices in Mombasa.

The President claimed that the Governor has failed in his core duties, therefore, opting to troll him (the president) as a show of might.

Kenyatta warned Joho of serious consequences if he persists in his ‘nagging’ antics.

“It is a great pity when you have leaders who do not understand their roles. He thinks that rubbing me the wrong way is a show of might. He should not joke with me…he should come to people of Likoni to show them what he has done for them in his years. Why is he trailing me? Am not his wife,” the President retorted.

The opposition party has attributed president’s sudden surge in anger to failure in fulfilling his pre-election pledges adding that the behaviour is well targeted at covering up for his ineptitude.

Through a statement to newsrooms, ODM termed the President’s utterances as “inflammatory, derogatory, unpresidential and utterly contemptuous of other leaders” adding that it is unacceptable as it takes the country back into the dark era of imperial and authoritarian presidency.

Further, the party challenged the president to live up to the expectations of the presidency as a symbol of national unity, respect the constitution and the two levels of government.

ODM said it will not condone the head of state intimidating, frustrating and harassing governors working hard around the clock serve the people.

The opposition party demands that the government produce documents supporting allegations that it has dispatched a total of Ksh 50 million to Turkana County and Ksh 40 billion to Mombasa County.

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