Uhuru on 2022 succession: Ruto is like a relay runner dashing off in the wrong direction

Uhuru on 2022 succession: Ruto is like a relay runner dashing off in the wrong direction

President Uhuru Kenyatta has faulted Deputy President William Ruto’s early campaigns, asking him to tone down and be patient.

Uhuru was speaking at the Bomas of Kenya on Monday where the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report was launched to the public.

In what appeared to be the first public reference to their festering bromance, Uhuru said Ruto lost track of their initial goals when the allure of 2022 came calling.

“My brother DP Ruto and I were walking together until 2022 came into the picture, and he lost focus, I’m asking you to leave 2022 alone, that will come too, be patient,” Uhuru said amid cheers.

Much to the chargrin of his deputy, President Uhuru compared Ruto to a relay runner who had picked the baton before dashing into the wrong direction.

“I was telling Kisii leaders the other day when they visited me, Ruto is like a relay runner who was waiting for the baton to be passed, my brother William has turned his back and is running in the wrong direction,” Uhuru added.

Uhuru has now asked DP Ruto to relax and be patient as there is still alot to be achieved before the 2022 political showdown.

During his address, DP Ruto whose camp is opposed to the report highlighted several clauses in the report which according to him, do not mean well for Kenyans.

Ruto nitpicked the proposition to have IEBC commissioners elected by political parties, arguing that it would as unfair as letting a few teams in a football league choose the referee.

The other teams, he noted, would be disgruntled at such an arrangement.

Among other issues, Ruto said the proposed creation of an independent office of the Judiciary Ombudsman was an affront to the independence of the Judiciary.