Uhuru, Raila launch BBI report

Uhuru, Raila launch BBI report

President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Wednesday launched the much-anticipated BBI report.

The two leaders urged Kenyans to avoid divisive politics warning that it tears the country apart and affects the economy.

“Being ambitious is good, it is healthy but don’t let your ambitions overshadow our ability to fix those things that will help you achieve your ambitions,” said President Kenyatta.

The Head of State further addressed equal distribution of resources saying that every citizen deserves a share of the national cake.

He criticized unfair competition by those he termed as seeking to serve their own interests at the expense of others.

“Hii ni nchi yetu sisi sote na hatufai kushindana kuona nani ni tajiri kushinda mwingine. Tuache mambo ya maendeleo kule mashinani. Tutunge sheria ambayo itatusaidia kitaifa,” the President said.

He continued: “We cannot build Kenya with one day. Let us focus on what will put us together. We have 42 different cultures that we should be proud about. Let us embrace our culture and tradition.”

Mr. Odinga on his part narrated how 10 years ago, another meeting at Bomas did not bear fruit despite delegates spending days on similar issues.

He also cited the period during the 2017 elections when the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission was to announce results but he and his team objected.

“You went to Kasarani, we went to Bomas. Our people wanted us to burn your portraits and start collecting taxes. I realised that was taking us to Somalia. It took us 19 hours. Wasn’t easy. We had called each other all sorts of names,” Odinga said.

He continued: “Usiangalie hii ripoti ati ooh Raila atakuwa nini. Hii sio mabadiliko ya Raila. Kenya itakuwa hata baada ya miaka mingi.”

According to him, countries such as Tanzania are not bogged down by tribalism as citizens accept each other irrespective of affiliations.

He also echoed President Kenyatta’s sentiments on political leaders with conflict of interest saying: “Watumishi wa umma wasifanye biashara. Toka kwa serikali ukafanye biashara.”

The former Prime Minister said there will be a team of experts who will look at recommendations of Kenyans.

“Usiwachie wabunge. Wacha wakenya waipitishe,” he added.

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