Uhuru opposes Raila’s call for referendum

Uhuru opposes Raila’s call for referendum

President Uhuru Kenyatta has taken a hard stance on the ongoing calls for constitutional change saying his focus remains on the Big Four Agenda.

“I have no time to run around telling people to change the Constitution. It won’t solve the problems we have, but engaging with the private sector on manufacturing like we are doing (I) will,” President Kenyatta said.

Speaking while addressing the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) at Statehouse, the Head of State reiterated his respect for the Constitution.

He further noted that Nairobi County will be governed as any other county in Kenya.

On corruption, the Head of State issued a stern warning saying that the vice will be fought ruthlessly adding that perpetrators will not be spared.

“We are going to deal ruthlessly with corruption both real and perceived,” President Kenyatta said.

While calling for concerted effort to make the manufacturing sector competitive, President Kenyatta emphasized that the main job of the Government is to cultivate an enabling environment so that private sector can create jobs.

“That is why I wanted MPs to listen, and to hear what the concerns of the private sector are. I also want MPs to raise issues of what they feel needs to be done,” President Kenyatta told the meeting that was also attended by MPs, industry practitioners and government officials.

The President said his key focus is to create linkages between big industries and the small industries so as to accelerate the growth of the manufacturing sector from 8 to 15 per cent within four years.

“Kenya is not an island and has to compete both regionally and at the global arena,” he said.