Uhuru: It is time for another community to lead Kenya

Uhuru: It is time for another community to lead Kenya

In a thinly veiled statement seemingly directed at his Deputy William Ruto and the proponents of the hustler nation narrative, President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that he may support a leader from a different community in the upcoming election.

A seemingly angry president who joined mourners during the funeral service of Mama Hannah Mudavadi- ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi’s mum – watered down claims of divisions in his camp, insisting that he was fully in control.

“I know everything that is happening and nothing is going to deter me from my agenda” Uhuru said

In an apparent response to the bold letter by Irungu Kangata on the perceived dwindling support for the BBI initiative in Mount Kenya, the president broke his silence telling off the Senate Majority Whip.

“I’m in control of my government, so do not write me letters, I do not need lecturing” he said.

The sentiments came as leaders present pledged to back ANC leader Mudalia mudavadi in the 2022 Presidential elections.

Kakamega Senator Cleopas Malala was among leaders who vowed support Mudavadi, asking Uhuru and Ruto to back him up for the top job.

But with the Western Kenya vote always failing to count due to divisions, on Saturday, the leaders vowed to come together and back one of their own.