Uhuru calls on politicians to preach peace

Uhuru calls on politicians to preach peace

President Uhuru Kenyatta has challenged politicians to practise what they preach on good governance and transparency.

The President said Kenya would be a very peaceful and progressive country if politicians who talk endlessly about the need for good governance also tried to set a good example themselves.

He said it was a misfortune that the politicians who ceaselessly engage in such talks are usually those lacking in integrity.

The President, who spoke at the University of Nairobi where he attended the launch of a peace campaign by the Catholic Church, promised he would do all that he can to ensure that peace is maintained in the country.

“We have argued dishonestly in pursuit of selfish ends; we have hurt one another on the basis of nothing more than the languages we grew up speaking, and we have allowed ourselves to be divided by leaders who lack integrity,” he said.

The Head of State said the country has always recovered from its low moments thanks to the resilience of the Kenyan people.

“Yet our low moments have been overcome by immense and uplifting campaigns of unity, common purpose, courageous citizenship and national redemption.”

He said that the silent majority in the country has grown tired of the politics of destabilisation even though a small minority is filling the airwaves with talk of violence.

“Kenyans know that the true enemy is not those of another ethnicity. Instead, it is bad politics and unethical leadership.”

Addressing thousands of Christian faithful who gathered at the University of Nairobi, the President promised to act firm and judiciously in the cause of peace and security for all Kenyans. He said as a citizen, he will practise what he preaches.

“I will hold myself to a high standard of integrity. I pray that God take my hand, and all our millions of hands, to guide us toward a higher destiny in the coming weeks, months and years.”

He urged all Kenyans to reject hatred and to promote peace and harmony.

“I urge all of you to embrace peace in your utterances, in your homes and workplaces, and to correct those around you who seek conflict and confrontation,” said the President.

The President spoke during the launch of the Lenten Campaign 2017 whose theme is Peaceful and Credible Elections: Leaders of Integrity.

The five-week long initiative, organised by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, has assigned five themes for each week.

During the first week, worshippers will focus on the security of the country and during the second week they will fast and pray for the youth of the country.

Archbishop Martin Kivuva urged the youth not to allow themselves to be exploited during the electioneering period.

During the third week, the faithful will focus on the environment and during the fourth week the theme will be why every Kenyan should go out and vote during the August elections. During the fifth week, the theme will be negative ethnicity.

The Catholic Bishops and faithful were joined by clerics from other Christian denominations as well as Muslim and Hindu leaders.

On his part, President Kenyatta also urged other faiths to take part in similar prayers for peace.

John Cardinal Njue led other Catholic leaders in urging Kenyans to shun divisions and guard against those who want to create conflicts.