U.S demands Uhuru, Raila to hold dialogue

U.S demands Uhuru, Raila to hold dialogue

U.S Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has called for “immediate, sustained and transparent national dialogue to resolve the ongoing political impasse.

In a statement sent to newsrooms on Monday, Godec says that the U.S is concerned with the violence experienced in the country following the October 26 election and wants leaders to publicly reject violence and keep peace.

“The United States is profoundly concerned by the outbreaks of violence in Kenya following the October 26 election. Leaders and politicians should clearly and publicly reject violence and work to keep the peace and make every effort to ensure the supporters do so as well,” read part of the statement.

Godec has pointed a finger at the security services saying they need to minimise the use of force and “only use it when there is no other choice to protect life and property” adding that protesters should exercise their rights peacefully.

“We are deeply concerned by reports of excessive use of force by the police; we urge that all such allegations be fully investigated and any officer who have acted outside the law be held to account,” added Godec.

He called upon Kenyans to reject the politics of hatred and division.


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