Two widows fight over the burial of their husband in Bungoma County

Two widows fight over the burial of their husband in Bungoma County

For the late 71-year-old Christopher Waswa and a father of 16, Monday was the day his body would have started its final journey from the morgue ahead of his Tuesday Burial.

But as it turned out, a feud between his co-wives meant that the convoy ended up at the Bungoma Police station as both wives demanded to have him buried in their homes.

All Hell broke loose when the second wife and her sons attacked the motorcade as it left the Bungoma Mortuary for Waswa’s final resting place in Kabuchai, the home of his first wife.

Sensing danger with the surging, agitated crowd the driver of the hearse was forced to seek refuge at the nearby Bungoma police station

A family member said the funeral procession had been largely okay until the deceased’s second wife and her kids attacked the motorcade from the back.

“Tumekuwa nao vizuri tukafanya shopping,kufika nje tofauti ikatokea hao wanataka watoto wa marehemu wa mama mdogo wakapiga gari nyuma” Catherine Wafula, a family member told Citizen TV

According to Protus Masinde, a cousin of the late, the man’s second wife and her family had not been present during the burial plans and only surfaced when the funeral party collected the remains from the morgue.

The wrangles are believed to be over the burial site as both wives want the body interred at their homes in Sitoma and Kabuchai areas of Bungoma county.

However, the first wife is accusing the co-wife of failing to raise objection during the burial plans, only to appear on the burial day to scuttle the plans

Emily Simiyu, a daughter of the deceased said the family had sold off a part of their land to cater for the funeral expenses only for his second family to appear five days after his demise.

It took Police intervention and escort to get the body to the home of his first wife’s home where he will ne buried today.