Two unknown Kiambu politicians, Ksh.35M debt emerge in Cohen’s will

Two unknown Kiambu politicians, Ksh.35M debt emerge in Cohen’s will

Sarah Wairimu has revealed how she learnt that two unnamed Kiambu politicians claimed that Tob Cohen owed them Ksh.35million.

In a damning affidavit filed in court on Thursday, Cohen’s widow cast doubt over the claims saying:

” I am not aware that my late husband owed such a colossal amount of money to anyone let alone Kiambu politicians and will in due course request that the claim be fully investigated.”

Wairimu and her lawyer Philip Murgor skipped the reading of the will after they alleged that it had been compromised.

The affidavit further raises questions on the alleged intent of the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti over the property that was allocated to Cohen’s sister Gabrielle Van Straten.

According to her, Kinoti’s responsibility is to investigative criminal cases and not ownership of property or matrimonial issues.

“I am further apprehensive that the efforts to further detain me is an attempt to keep me away while those who claim to have rights over the said property take ownership unobstructed. I believe that Mr. George Kinoti is now determined to hand over the keys to my matrimonial home to the purported beneficiaries of my husband’s alleged will without due process of the law,” the affidavit reads.

Wairimu also questioned the abrupt departure of Cohen’s sister from the country after the opening of the will despite publicly claiming that the she wanted to accord him a decent Jewish send off.

Ms. Gabrielle Van Straten, flew out of the country a day after her late brother’s will was opened.

Earlier on, there was push-and-pull over the funeral modalities as both Gabrielle and Wairimu claimed the right to bury the deceased Dutch billionaire.

Cohen’s sister had demanded that the body be released to her after the post-mortem but Wairimu objected saying she is still his wife despite charges facing her and was entitled to bury him.

The two parties however reached an agreement and announced that both women would both take part in the private burial ceremony.

However, lawyer Cliff Ombeta told Citizen TV that Gabrielle and her husband had returned to their home in Netherlands due to personal reasons.

Cohen was laid to rest on Wednesday with Wairimu present under the tight watch of five prison warders from Lang’ata Women’s Prison.

Among those present at the burial were President Uhuru Kenyatta’s uncle Ngengi Muigai, the President’s cousin Rtd. Captain Kungu Muigai, former Gatundu North MP Patrick Muiruri among others.

Hours later, lawyer Philip Murgor recorded a statement at Parklands Police Station accusing Muiruri of threatening and insulting him at the burial.

In a letter addressed to the OCS, Murgor claimed that Muiruri confronted him and uttered an unprintable insult before shouting: “I will deal with you outside.”

Heated arguments characterised scenes in court on Thursday as the Prosecution led by Catherine Mwaniki took on Murgor over Wairimu’s planned plea taking.

The Prosecution accused Wairimu of contempt of court for speaking publicly about the case during her husband’s burial.

This is after she warned Cohen’s killers that their days are numbered.

“I am not scared of anybody. One thing Tob taught me is not to take No for an answer. So even in this, I’m going to fight. And even as we stand here many of the ones who are responsible for Tob’s death here in sheep skin… believe you me your days are also numbered,” said Wairimu.

Wairimu has since been remanded until October 1, 2019 until the issue of representation is dealt with.