Two University of Nairobi students killed mysteriously

Two University of Nairobi students killed mysteriously

Two University of Nairobi students have been killed in circumstances that have left their families demanding justice amid allegations that a top official in the student’s organisation could have been involved.

The two were beaten to death by a group of fellow students on Saturday night.

22 year old Julius Omondi Omolo and his friend Mohamed Yusuf lost their lives after allegedly being attacked by a mob in mysterious circumstances.

Claims would emerge that the two were murdered in cold blood by a gang close to the leadership of the student’s organization, SONU.

The matter sparked off a social media buzz with the hashtag #UoNGangs trending on twitter for the better part of the day.

The SONU chairman Babu Owino said that the two students were killed by a mob after stealing a laptop from a student at 3am in the morning.

However, the families of the deceased would not buy Owino’s theory saying that neither the owner of the laptop has laid claim nor any reports of a missing laptop made.

Owino claimed that the two were in a group of five when they accosted a student who was going to the library at 3am.

The students’ leader claimed students responding to a distress call caught the two and beat them up.

They were pronounced dead on arrival to the university’s clinic. But Omolo’s relatives say the explanation does not add up.

The family now wants the school and the university student leadership to get to the bottom of the issue and solve the riddle of the deaths. Our efforts to get a comment from the university’s administration did not bear fruit.

Police have, however, confirmed that they have recorded statements from six students.