Two suspects arrested with 36kg elephant tusks, KWS says

Two suspects arrested with 36kg elephant tusks, KWS says

Two suspects have been arrested after Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers found them with 36kilograms of elephant tusks in Makueni.

According to KWS Spokesman Paul Masela, the suspects were allegedly trying to sell the tusks when they were busted.

They are currently being held at Mtito Andei Police Station awaiting to be arraigned in court.

It is expected that the suspects will be charged with illegal possession of ivory, an offence that can attract fines of up to Ksh.60million as well as life imprisonment.

The arrest follows the intensified crackdown on poachers in the country with several accused persons being handed jail sentences and hefty fines.

Last month, police in Migori arrested two Tanzanian nationals with elephant tusks worth Ksh.3.8 million at Komwoma village along the border.

In the same month, police in Emali also arrested two suspects with elephant tusks worth an estimated value of Ksh3.3million.

However, the government was dealt a huge blow on August 4 after ivory kingpin Feisal Mohamed was acquitted by a Mombasa court.

He had been handed a 20-year life sentence in 2016 for being in possession of ivory tusks estimated to be worth Ksh.44 million.