Two magistrates withdraw from Senator Linturi, Maryanne Kitany divorce case

Two magistrates withdraw from Senator Linturi, Maryanne Kitany divorce case

Two magistrates have now recused themselves from hearing the divorce case between Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and his estranged ex-wife Maryanne Kitany.

Senior Principal Magistrate D.W Mburu disqualified himself citing personal reasons while Magistrate Liza Lynne Gicheha said she handled a different matter involving one of the parties.

The matter will now be heard by Magistrate Grace Mmasi who has since said she will need time to peruse the matter, adding that she will give directions on Monday next week.

This comes after Magistrate Peter Gesora who had heard several witnesses in the case was also transferred.

The messy divorce pitting Senator Linturi and Kitany has witnessed allegations of infidelity, theft and forgery in court.

Kitany last year narrated how the legislator traveled to the U.S, took titles belonging to her relatives and came back home to take loans with them that they are still paying for.

The once rosy relationship turned rocky in December 2017 after Kitany held suspicions of Linturi’s infidelity.

“…Initially it was cheating and just like other women I would sneak into his phone. I became suspicious of his moves because he would come home later, doesn’t want to give me my conjugal rights and he would be quarreling,” she said.

Kitany told court that following the incidents, she decided to go through his phone only to find images of half naked women and pornography.

The court also heard that as the marriage continued to be rocky, Kitany obtained orders and served Linturi when he came home.

“In the process of filing the divorce, a mutual friend informed me that Linturi was planning to evict us from the house and therefore I sought for court protection,” said Kitany.

“On that day, he went to our Runda home and reported that there are terrorists in that house. But the people in the house were my children, a sick relative and my uncle,” Kitany said.

The court heard how after the police arrived, they ordered the people out but later apologized and showed Linturi the court orders barring him from their Runda home.