Two Embu University students drown in River Nyamindi

Two Embu University students drown in River Nyamindi

A nature walk turned tragic when two students from the University of Embu slipped and fell into River Nyamindi on Saturday evening, January 27.

According to Mwea-East OCPD Kizito Mutoro, the two First Year students and five others were on an excursion to Daraja ya Mungu bridge, and as they were taking photos, one of them fell into the river.

As one of them tried to pull his colleague out of the waters, he also slipped and plunged into the river.

“The five male and two female students had come to tour the area, Daraja ya Mungu, where there is a gorge and the Chinese are working on a project to generate hydro-electric power. As the students were having fun, one of them fell into the river and when the other student tried to pull his hand he slipped into the river,” said the OCPD.

“It is a very deep part of the river and water flows with a lot of pressure,” added Mr. Mutoro.

The students are reportedly aged 19 and 21.

Speaking at scene the of accident accompanied by University of Embu officials, the OCPD said the rescue mission would begin on Sunday once a team of divers is brought to the scene.

Immediately after the accident, residents of Mururi Village and the surrounding areas tried to search for the First Year students but their efforts were frustrated by the rainy weather.