Twin sisters? Why Rosemary Onyango fled when she met daughter’s look-alike

Twin sisters? Why Rosemary Onyango fled when she met daughter’s look-alike

Rosemary Onyango, the mother of one the suspected twin girls from Kakamega County, could not tell the two girls apart when they finally met.

Speaking during an interview on CitizenTV on Friday, Rosemary narrated how weeks of anxiety were culminated by a moment of shock and disbelief.

“Nikiona Sharon nilitoroka kwanza, roho ikatetemeka, nikatetemeka na tumbo yote…nilishindwa naenda kushika Sharon ama kushika Melon juu Melon alikuwa amekaa kwa kina Sharon Nairobi wiki moja wakishughulikia hii mambo…nikatoroka kwanza ndio wamama wakanishikilia wakaniambia karibisha watoto waingie kwa nyumba,” she said.

According to Rosemary, it took some time for her to tell the difference between Melon and Sharon

However, after spending more time with them, she was able to distinguish between the two.

She says she knows Melon because she brought her up: “Mimi nililea watoto wangu nikijua sina mwingine.”

Rosemary said when she gave birth in Kakamega, one of the twins was taken ill and she had to leave her at the hospital. She would come back to breastfeed then go back home.

The mother of twins questioned whether maybe it was at this point that her baby could have been exchanged.

The story of Melon and Sharon, who found out about each other on Facebook, caught the attention of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

“We believe forensic investigation will establish if any criminal act was committed or any mitigating circumstances that may have led to the present status. We encourage and appeal to the families concerned to please report to DCI office in Kakamega to facilitate investigations,” the DCI said on Thursday.

DNA samples from the two girls were taken to Lancet Kenya on Friday and will determine whether they are related.

Multiples to Multiples Society, an organisation that assists mothers with multiple babies, is helping the two families with the process.

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