‘Tuko pabaya kuliko jana,’ Sauti Sol, Nyashinski go political in new must-listen song

‘Tuko pabaya kuliko jana,’ Sauti Sol, Nyashinski go political in new must-listen song

Two of the biggest musical brands in Kenya – Sauti Sol and Nyashinski – have come together to address the issues plaguing our country in an unprecedented hard-hitting political song.

On this one, Sauti Sol and Nyashinski who collaborated on the hit song Short and Sweet, have brought the same touch they use when it comes to making us dance and sing along and the result is a product that will elicit debates and may split their fans down the middle.

The song borrows heavily from one of Sauti Sol’s hits “Kuliko Jana” but the delivery is harder and the writing crisp.

“For our latest release we thought about the world right now and the number of persistent issues plaguing it,” writes Sauti Sol on the lyric video uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday morning.

“These things are hardly ever solved and we are consistently shortchanged. So we considered; how can we address these frustrations?”

Bien-Aime Baraza, one of the band members, launches the song and sets the tone in the first second; “Barua toka Jaramogi na Kenyatta, wanauliza kama Kenya kuko sawa, nikawajibu Kenya tuko na disaster, watoto wetu wanazidi kuzikana…” (Letter from Jaramogi and Kenyatta asking if all is well in Kenya. I told them Kenya is a disaster, our kids are burying each other.)

From there, the four artistes go on to list the main issues affecting the country: t ribalism, crippling national debt, corruption, greed and lawlessness among other issues.

“We vote tribe ama real cash ask Boni,” raps Nyashinski. “I’m richer than my neighbour but we both in the slum.”

The Malaika star also questions the concept of elections wondering; “If the rich always win, why should the popular run? Unless democracy ni word si usema only for fun.”

Speaking of the song, which is the sixth single off their forthcoming Afrikan Sauce album, Sauti Sol say they realised that every Kenyan has a role to play in redeeming the country since we have all benefited from the flawed systems.

“None of us are perfect. None of us are exonerated. We have all contributed to and benefited from the flawed systems. But, change is a result of possibility. If we all decide to personally act towards building a world we are proud to live in, then it will become a reality,” says the group who produced the song.