Tuju narrates how doctors made life and death decision to save him

Tuju narrates how doctors made life and death decision to save him

Jubilee Secretary Raphael Tuju on Thursday made his first public appearance since he was involved in a grisly road accident at Magina area on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on February 12, 2020.

Addressing the media at Karen Hospital in Nairobi, Tuju recounted the harrowing experience he has been through, saying “I have had a very tough experience with a lot of pain.”

Describing his survival as a miracle from God, the Jubilee Party boss says his lungs collapsed following the severe rib injuries he sustained and doctors at the Karen Hospital had to put him on life support.

“Those lungs collapsed because of the rib injury and the doctors had to make the life and death decision as to when to remove the life support system so that I could go for the specialised treatment in London,” said Tuju, who was flanked by doctors at Karen Hospital.

“I thank you for the great work you did to save my life.”

The Jubilee Party boss, who was admitted at a London hospital for nearly a month, says he suffered 13 broken ribs which injured his intestines causing him internal bleeding.

He further revealed that he had sustained multiple head injuries and also had to undergo a vertebrae operation to protect his spinal cord.

Tuju says he cannot wish the pain he went through even on his worst enemies.

“I had multiple injuries; 13 broken ribs and there is nothing you can do about it apart from having to wait. But the pain of those fractures was excruciating. I have a few enemies in this country and around the world and I cannot wish them the kind of pain I have received,” said Tuju.

“And then the critical one was the vertebrae operation to protect my spinal cord and of course head injuries. So to come out of that is a miracle from God. I thank the many Kenyans who sent words of encouragement.”

The Jubilee Secretary General highlighted that Thursday, March 12 was his third day to walk on his own feet since the road accident that occurred while he was heading to the burial of former President Daniel arap Moi.

“This is the third day I have been able to walk without support. I only need the crutches on the stairs,” he said.

He pointed out that he is still undergoing physiotherapy, but remained upbeat that he would soon resume his normal duties.

“…the muscles are becoming stronger, my faith is strong and I look forward to joining Kenyans in building this wonderful country,” he noted.