TSC report now says 36 teachers have died of COVID-19

TSC report now says 36 teachers have died of COVID-19

The latest statistics from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) now show that 36 teachers have so far died as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The commission has also confirmed that all the 17,400 teachers aged 58 years and above and who were initially advised to work from home have opted to report back to school and teach physically in spite of the threat posed by the virus.

According to TSC, some 77 out of the 92 teachers who were under home-based care just before schools reopened have now resumed duty after full recovery.

The commission CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia said there is a high turnout of teachers across the country where public schools have recorded a turnout of 99% while private schools stand at 84.5%.

The variance in public schools according to the commission is due to those who are on leave for various reasons

The teachers aged 58 years and above who have since resumed may however not interact as often as previously with their learners but in the incidents where they will be involved, they have been advised to strictly adhere to Ministry of Health safety protocols.

Instead of the normal lessons in class, much of their work will be centered outside class and developing schemes of service besides supervising roles that may not require much attention and interaction from learners.

In addition, TSC has dispatched all the 5,000 additional teachers who were recently employed to various schools to deal with the acute shortage of staff worsened by the compliance with COVID-19 rules.

A further 12,000 intern teachers are currently being sent to various schools as well.

Further, in 95 per cent of the schools, teachers have established psychosocial support units and programs that are being used to promote positive mental health services to the teachers and learners who need them. These units will continue being encouraged.

Meanwhile, the Education Cabinet Secretary has reiterated his remarks against school principals hiking school fees.

“There is a small number of teachers sending children away from school that they should not send away…can they ensure that the person they’re sending away from school can really afford to pay school fees, because we have been interceding over the week asking them to take children back to school,” said Prof. George Magoha in Embu during a visit to ensure learning has commenced.