Trailer plunges into Indian Ocean at Likoni channel

Trailer plunges into Indian Ocean at Likoni channel

A trailer plunged into the Indian Ocean at the Likoni channel early on Wednesday morning.

Witnesses say the driver of the trailer lost control as he tried to maneuver into the ferry. He was headed to Mombasa.

Witnesses said the trailer was hauling maize from Tanzania although the exact quantity remains unknown.

No injuries had been reported at the time of publishing of this report but the incident caused a heavy snarl-up at the ferry as ferries could only dock on one side.

The trailer was later pulled out of the ocean.

The latest comes just days after a tourist bus belonging to Pollman’s lost control and plunged into the ocean.

Reports indicate that the bus driver had intended to board the ferry enroute to Mombasa island when the incident occurred.

The driver and all the passengers who were onboard the bus were however rescued.

In December last year, a woman died after her car plunged into the Indian Ocean in Mombasa.

Winnie Achieng, 33, was driving from Mombasa Island to Changamwe with her 12-year-old son when she reportedly lost control of the vehicle.

According to a police report seen by Citizen Digital, Ms. Achieng lost control when she overtook a motorcycle and hit a pavement.

The minor is said to have swam to safety and was treated with minor injuries at the Coast General Hospital.

Ms. Achieng was however trapped in her seat by the safety belt, before later being rescued by divers.

She had by then however already taken in too much water and was declared dead on arrival at the same facility.