Kenya kills Al Shabaab intelligence commander

Kenya kills Al Shabaab intelligence commander

Kenya Defense Forces have killed Al Shabaab Intelligence Chief Mahad Mohammed Karate alias Mahat Karate.

Karate, who is also the deputy commander of the terror group, was killed alongside ten other middle level commanders after KDF fighter jets bombed their base in Nadaris between Buale and Sukow in the Middle Juba region.

KDF spokesman Col David Obonyo said the airstrikes carried out on February 8, 2016 killed also more than 42 Al Shabaab recruits and wounded a dozen others.

Karate is said to have been behind the deployment of suicide bombers who attacked the KDF camp in El Adde.

Col Obonyo said: “Karate had gone to the camp to preside over the passing out parade of an estimated 80 Alamnyat recruits who were due for deployment to carry out terror attacks.”

The Alamnyat is Al Shabaab’s intelligence wing comprising of suicide bombers, assassins, explosives experts and information gatherers.


“Karate played a major role in the recent attack on KDF troops in El Adde by deploying his suicide bombers. His killing follows the killing of Abdi Dek, the operation commander of the Abu Zubeyr Brigade that carried out the attack in El Adde,” said Col David Obonyo.


The US government had placed a Sh500 million bounty on Karate’s head after he was listed in the US State Department’s wanted terrorist list in April 2015 following the Garissa University College attack.


Also on the wanted list is Ahmed Iman Ali, who has recruited hundreds of Kenyan youths and raised funds for Al Shabaab.

A reward of up to Sh600 million is also being offered for information on the whereabouts of Al-Shabaab leader, Abu Ubaidah, also known as Direye.

Ubaidah was named head of Al Shabaab in September 2014, after the group’s long-time emir, Ahmed Abdi Godane, was killed in a US drone strike.