Tob Cohen murder: Questions after Judge Sankale ole Kantai whisked to DCI HQ

Tob Cohen murder: Questions after Judge Sankale ole Kantai whisked to DCI HQ

Court of Appeal Judge Sankale ole Kantai is now embroiled in the murder case of businessman Tob Cohen.

On Friday, it emerged that the Judge had been arrested in Kiembeni, Mombasa and then brought to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters in Nairobi.

Citizen Digital has established that he was grilled for 24 hours but it still remains unclear what the details of his statement entail.

There are claims that he allegedly interfered with investigations into the Tob Cohen murder case where the deceased’s widow Sarah Wairimu is the main suspect.

This comes barely two weeks after Sarah Wairimu, who is out on bail, contested her late husbands’ will claiming it was forged.

In an application on February 10, Sarah sought to have her sister -in-law Gabrielle Can Starten cross-examined.

This even as the Director of Public Prosecution and the DCI asked the court to remove them from the succession matter.

They argued that they had wrongly been enjoined in the case.

Last year, sources close to the Tob Cohen family revealed that the contentious will had expressly left out Sarah Wairimu from inheriting anything.

The late Cohen apparently left 50 percent of his estate to his sister Gabrielle Stratan and the other 50 percent was to be split into half between his nephew and niece.

His bank balances were reportedly to be channeled to his sister too.

The body of Tob Cohen was discovered at his home inside an underground tank almost two months after he was reported missing.

Detectives said the eyes were blindfolded, hands and feet bound with a rope at the neck.

The body had also been wrapped in a blue blanket.