Thika family in row with Nigerian national over daughter’s death

Thika family in row with Nigerian national over daughter’s death

A Family in Thika is embroiled in a bitter conflict with a Nigerian national five weeks after their daughter, Andear Mwangi, succumbed to a lung condition.

The body of the deceased who lived with her partner for nine years is still lying at the Umash Funeral home amid fights over custody of children and unpaid hospital bills running into millions of shillings.

The family is now accusing Charles Emedo,a Nigerian national of cutting them off.

They further accuse Emedo of intimidating them and disregarding all attempts to broker a truce and accord the late Andear, a decent send off.

“This has been the most difficult time of my life because this is a foreigner, we don’t know him but we feared that if we insist anything can happen,” said Lydia Mwathathi- Andear’s mother.

According to the deceased’s mother, the family’s dilemma and anguish started when her second born daughter Andear moved in with Emedo nine years ago, adding that Emedo had not formally married her.

This according to her, marked the beginning of alienation and strained relations between Andear and her family.

“ Hakulipa dowry, that was not a marriage, mtu ni kama amekidnap mtoto na amemuweka mahali hawezi jitoa,” lamented Lydia.

35-year-old Andear Mwangi died last month at the Nairobi South Hospital, after battling a short term lung condition

Emedo who appeared at Kilimani police station on Wednesday, was prepared to address the accusations against him but later declined saying he had been advised, by among others his lawyer, against speaking out.

“I went to the office of Nyale, he is the chief staff at Jogoo, they can go wherever they want… they told me not to respond I will blow things for myself,” said Emedo on phone.

“I don’t want to be on the media or on social media.  I have got the court order which will be released to them, the body will be released to me not them…they should stop talking nonsense,” he added.

A Paybill number registered under David Kimotho, an uncle reported to be close to Emedo, was published to raise money to offset medical bills but according Andear’s mother, no money has been used to pay the bills.

This has led to further uncertainty at the home, as the bill now amounts to Ksh.2 million with Emedo’s  defiance further aggravating an already strained relationship.

As the body of the Andear Mwangi lies in the morgue for the fifth week now, the two warring factions want the court to pronounce itself on the burial arrangements and the custody of the children.