The New Note 8 – Infinix unveils an all-in-one smartphone

The New Note 8 – Infinix unveils an all-in-one smartphone

Infinix has unveiled a new all-round smartphone model targeted at the mid-to-high end market segment.

The brand’s new flagship model, Note 8, comes with a high-performance MediaTek Helio G80 processor.

It also features one of the biggest dual front camera screen, 64M Ultra HD 6 cameras and a fast charging, massive 5200mAh battery with super long endurance among others, making it an ultra-sleek, ultra-fast and ultra-long-lasting phone.

“We are committed to developing cutting-edge products that will become the industry benchmark, so we are very proud to launch Note 8 to global markets. Our latest flagship Note smartphone has been designed and developed with current and future everyday challenges in mind…. The Note 8 is ideal for elite users who are used to the elite lifestyle and all that it offers,” said Mike Zhang, Infinix brand manager, Kenya.

The high-performance MediaTek Helio G80 processor with MediaTek Hyper Engine Game Technology powering the new Note 8 makes it incredibly fast and ensures that the phone provides a comprehensive strong and smooth all-round performance.

This high-performance chipset not only makes the it more fluent and more stable, but also delivers an unparalleled E-sports experience, where top scores in every game will be a breeze – an ideal choice for game lovers who want an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

MediaTek HyperEngine Game Technology ensures your smartphone always keeps up with you.

It features an intelligent resource management engine that ensures sustained performance and longer gameplay Intelligent, dynamic management of CPU, GPU and memory according to active measurements of power, thermal and gameplay factors.

The Note 8’s new fast charging, massive 5200mAh battery with super long endurance. This battery coupled with power marathon tech embedded in the device will keep the phone going for hours on end. For avid gamers, this will ensure users have hours of game play or binge watching.

For the successful business person or entrepreneur, the Note 8 provides crucial connectivity while on the go, ensuring easy access to essential functions like email, office-related apps, video conferencing apps and more.

To address heat issues while charging your phones, the new Note has dual engines technology. This keeps the Note 8 cool, reducing the heat by 8 degrees while charging

Bringing visual experience to a whole new level

One of the key highlights of the Note 8 is that features the biggest dual front camera screen in industry – a 20.5:9 screen with dual super tiny camera punch hole – allowing the display to wrap around the punch hole and be less of an inconvenience when consuming media.

To complete the users’ audio visual experience, the Note 8 comes with dual speakers surround sound including with DTS and 4 modes that deliver immersive musical experiences for your ears and soul. Allowing users to level up the sound effect to better enjoy the audio experiences while watching their favorite movies or listening to music or gaming

Making super stable videos easy

The new Note 8 comes equipped with a top of the line set of high definition cameras – 64MP Ultra HD 6 Cameras – that will allow users to capture every wonderful moment in life in unbelievable detail, with crystal clear clarity and lifelike beauty.

In today’s world of TikTok and vlogging, there is huge demand to produce professional quality videos while on the go.


Note 8 will be available in outlets countrywide at Ksh.21,799,NOTE 8 128+6, Ksh.17,499, NOTE 8i 128+4 and Ksh.15,999 64+4.

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