Terror scare at Mombasa Technical University

Terror scare at Mombasa Technical University

Students at the Technical University of Mombasa were on Sunday shocked after they heard gunshots near the campus that they interpreted to be a terror attack.

However, the police department confirmed that the gunshot sounds were from police officers.

Confirming the incident, Mombasa OCPD Martin Asin said no one was injured in the incident, and called on citizens to stop spreading rumors related to terror attacks as this was raising tension among citizens.

He also assured students at the campus that security had been beefed up.

The students were injured in a stampede as they tried to run away from the area, while others jumped from high buildings trying to escape what they thought was a real terror attack.

Reports indicated that some students jumped from the fourth floor of their classrooms while others took to the nearest river in search of an escape route.

The university’s administration said the drill was conducted to test the preparedness of both the students and staff in case of an emergency.

Previously, the government had directed universities and other institutions of higher learning to develop programs to train students on how to respond during terror situations after the Garissa University College terror attack that left 147 students dead.