Tanzanian witchdoctor reveals plan to murder Kenyan MP

Tanzanian witchdoctor reveals plan to murder Kenyan MP

Sigor Member of Parliament Philip Ratino now claims that his life is in danger after an alleged witchdoctor from Morogoro, Tanzania called him and informed him of a plan to eliminate him.

The MP says that the witchdoctor informed him that his political rivals visited him in Tanzania in search of ways of eliminating the legislator before the 2017 General Elections.

Speaking during a church function at Sigor Catholic Church, Rotino said there is a high level of political intolerance in the country and called on the church to unite political leaders ahead of the 2017 polls.

He challenged his opponents to gather courage and face him in the ballot come 2017 rather than applying some unorthodox methods in order to clinch the Parliamentary seat.

On his part, West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin, who was also in attendance, said he has been a victim of political witch-hunt since the General Election.

Kachapin accused some political leaders for inciting the electorate not to vote for him and using propaganda to tarnish his name.

The Governor further added that there is need for political leaders in the region to unite and stop fighting each other for the benefit of the Pokot people.

However, he said he is ready to defend his seat come 2017 and called on his critics warning them to watch is space.

Senate Deputy Speaker and Murang’a Senator Kembi Gitura had earlier on called for peace and cohesion among political leaders in Pokot area saying that the political differences between them were visible and would be a barrier to development.

Gitura condemned the political incitement and interferences in the county, noting that leaders ought to preach peace rather than dividing the electorate.

The Senator further asked the Members of the County Assembly to dialogue with the Governor on various issues saying that this will lead to peace, stability and economic development in Pokot.

“If you fight each other, Wananchi who voted for you will definitely suffer and development will be paralysed. I will never stop calling for peace among leaders who should sit down and discuss issues that face Murang’a as a county,” said Gitura.