Taiwan Plane Crash Probe

According to sources, the pilot switched off one of the engines after realizing that the other one had lost power.

The TransAsia Airlines said that all the pilots will take a proficiency test, following the incident that saw the plane crash when both engines were off.

Fifteen people were rescued but at least other 35 people died in the disaster.

Executive director of Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council Thomas Wang, said the plane's right engine triggered an alarm just 37 seconds after taking off from the Taipei's Songshan airport.

“The main pilot could be heard on black-box recordings saying the engine had experienced a "flame-out”, Mr Wang said.

According to sources, this can only be triggered when there is an interruption in the fuel supply to the engine.

A more substantial report into the crash is expected to be released within the next 30 days, ahead of the publication of a final report in the next three to six months.

By Musalia Wycliffe

Source: BBC News.