Suspects in Sharon Otieno murder want Judge Lessit out

Suspects in Sharon Otieno murder want Judge Lessit out

Suspects in the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno now want High Court Judge Jessie Lessit to recuse herself from hearing the matter.

Michael Oyamo (Obado’s former personal assistant) and former Migori County Clerk  Caspal on Wednesday accused Judge Lessit of allegedly having a premeditated conclusion against them.

Through their advocates, the suspects argue that Justice Lessit released Migori Governor Okoth Obado on bail but denied them freedom due to bias and discrimination.

According to them, the judge has concluded that there is concrete evidence implicating them in the murder case and if they were released, they would interfere with the case.

Lady Justice Lessit released Governor Obado on Ksh.5million bail with two sureties of similar amount under strict conditions; one of them was to deposit his travel documents with the court.

Caspal and Oyamo were then confined in remand prison but were later released on a Ksh.1million cash bail each after successfully appealing their detention.

Governor Obado is however not party to the application.

Justice Lessit will rule on the bid for recusal on July 19 this year.