Supreme Court dismisses case seeking to stop Muhoroni polls

Supreme Court dismisses case seeking to stop Muhoroni polls

The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by Prof. Ayiecho Olweny saying it cannot grant an order to remove the name of Onyango Koyoo from the ballot paper.

The former Education Minister had challenged the nomination of James Onyango Koyoo as the ODM candidate for Muhoroni Constituency in the April primaries.

In a judgement read by Chief Justice David Maraga, the Court said the application filled by Ayiecho lacked enough evidence to merit removal of Onyango’s name from the ballot.

Maraga said his team had considered all the counsels’ submissions adding that it treated the case fairly.

Ayiecho’s lawyer, James Mwamu, expressed discomfort with the ruling saying they wanted Muhuroni Constituency election stopped until justice is done to his client.

Ayiecho went to Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal declared Onyango Koyoo as the legal ODM parliamentary seat nominee.

Speaking on Sunday, the Chief Justice said the applicant had filled the petition demanding removal of Koyoo from the ballot paper which had already been printed by the IEBC and was to be transported to Muhoroni tomorrow (Monday, August 7) in preparation for the Tuesday polls.

Onyango Koyoo secured his seat in 2013 under the People Democratic Party (PDP) against his competitor, Prof. Olweny, who was running on an ODM ticket.

Olweny served as Muhoroni MP for two terms between 2002-2012.

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