Sports, music, drama and inter-school visits banned for 60 days

Sports, music, drama and inter-school visits banned for 60 days

The Government has banned all extra-curricular activities such as sports, music and drama for 60 days to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus as schools re-open on Monday.

Special school days such as prize giving day or exchange visits that may involve more than one school have also been banned.

All non-essential school visits to school by parents of guardians have also been prohibited unless under exceptional instances in which visitors will be subject to infection-prevention protocols.

Teachers who are above 58 years old or other members of staff who have pre-existing conditions will be allowed to deliver their duties remotely or hold their classes in open places with natural flow of air.

In an Executive Order on Sunday, President Kenyatta also announced that all school principals will be required to maintain a register of all sick students or teachers and inform the relevant county health department of all instances of illness.

County health departments have also been directed to carry out routine surveillance for COVID-19 and all other public health related problems in schools including random testing of students, teachers and the ancillary staff.

Elsewhere, the government has announced an extension of the daily dusk-to-dawn curfew for a further 60 days up to March 12.

All public gatherings that may act as super-spreader events with the exemption of funerals and weddings have also been banned.