Speaker Muturi criticized for allegedly chairing clan meeting

Speaker Muturi criticized for allegedly chairing clan meeting

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has received sharp criticism from local leaders and youths after he chaired a clan meeting that was allegedly aimed at backing Cecily Mbarire’s Embu County gubernatorial bid.

Sources told Citizen Digital that the clan meeting, which was held on Saturday brought together all elected leaders and over 1000 clansmen of Ndamata (the majority clan of the Mbeere ethnic group).

Embu County Assembly speaker Kariuki Mate and Mbeere North MP Muriuki Njagagua were also in attendance, along with other influential leaders and businessmen.

According to the sources, the Ndamata clan meeting was framed as a meeting to chart the way forward for the clan.

Led by Runyenjes Central Ward MCA Steve Simba, the youths accused Mr Muturi of disrespecting his leadership position by causing division along tribal and clan lines.

Mr Simba said Speaker Muturi, being the 3rd in command in the country’s leadership hierarchy, should be the last person to chair a clan meeting.

Caroline Gakii, a member of the Embu Reformist Forum, strongly condemned Muturi’s action saying he has degraded the gains the country has witnessed in unifying all the communities.

She urged those in leadership to guide citizens in electing good leaders other than leading them to think along clan or tribe lines.

Written by Lucy Akinyi


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