‘Sisi hatutakuwa tukifanya ndoa ya mpango wa kando,’ Moha says on revenue sharing for ODM Coast MPs

‘Sisi hatutakuwa tukifanya ndoa ya mpango wa kando,’ Moha says on revenue sharing for ODM Coast MPs

Politicians drawn from the coast region have threatened to quit the ODM party amid reports that the formation of a political party from the region with the 2022 game-plan in mind is underway.

Speaking on Thursday, the leaders led by Kilifi North MP Owen Baya said the new political outfit will be ready before the next poll.

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa said the coast region will be ditching ODM as they ”had been abandoned by the party they once strengthened”.

“Nyege na nyege ni kunyegezana, tuliwanyegeza lakini sahizi hawataki kutunyegeza, in 2022 it’s not a secret that we are disconnecting from the party,” Jumwa said.

A section of coast legislators threaten to quit ODM. MPs accuse party of betrayal over revenue sharing formula #Tonight pic.twitter.com/X2MZMWLyiP

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) July 30, 2020

Her sentiments were echoed by MP Mohamed Ali who likened their souring relationship with ODM as an ‘extramarital affair’.

A number of ODM politicians have previously accused the party of sidelining them in parliamentary committee appointments.

The party which is in the works, the politicians say, will use the 41 elective positions from the coastal region to strengthen their bargaining power.

The latest comes in the backdrop of accusations that Senator James Orengo, Fred Outa, Moses Kajwang and Achillo had voted to deny the coast region resources.

The legislators further claimed that the amendments to the revenue sharing formula had exposed who their ‘true friends’ were

On Tuesday, the senate shot down the proposed revenue sharing formula that had been fronted by Murang’a Senator Irungu Kangata.

Kangata, the Majority Chief Whip was seeking to have the formula by the Finance and Budget Committee start in 2022 -2023 against the proposed 2021-2022 date.

The proposition in the formula is that no county should receive less than Ksh.350 million in budget allocation.