Simba Arati’s words to DP Ruto that sparked funeral fight

Simba Arati’s words to DP Ruto that sparked funeral fight

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati sparked a fist fight after he launched a scathing attack on Deputy President William Ruto on Monday.

Speaking during the funeral of Mzee Abel Gongera (father to Kisii DGJoash Maangi), the legislator told off the DP over his dynasty narrative.

“Kuna narrative ya dynasty Kenya hii. Ndugu yangu Gachagwa amesema hapa vizuri sana….kwamba MCAs walihongwa na milioni mbili. Kwani sisi wabunge tunahongwa na milioni saba kwa car grant? Si tunapewa milioni saba na tunakula mshahara ya milioni moja? Sasa wacha hii porojo ndogo ndogo ya kuambia watu eti kwamba MCAs…wacha hiyo biashara,” he said.

He continued: “Kitu ya pili…na mniskize vizuri…hatuwezi sema kwamba kuna mambo ya dynasty na kuna kabila mbili ambazo zimeongoza yetu. Moi aliongoza kwa miaka 24, wakikuyu wameongoza kwa miaka 35. Tena mtuambie kwamba tugeuke, tupatie mkale kwa miaka kumi? Apana! Biashara kama hiyo hatuwezi!”

Some mourners were heard chanting “Ruto!Ruto” but Arati continued talking, ignoring them for the better part of his speech before trying to quell the disturbance.

DP Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who were seated in the front row did not attempt to stop the legislator from speaking.

Arati then addressed the DP directly saying: “Mheshimiwa Ruto, the Deputy President, huwezi tembea hapa Kisii…sisi kama wakisii hatuwezi kuwa kwamba watu ambao unatembea na wao…it’s not our face…unatembea na wezi, wash wash…hawa watu ndio unataka unatembea na wao around. Unataka tufanye nini?”

In a relentless assault on Dr. Ruto, the lawmaker cited the 2007/8 post election skirmishes where over 1000 people were killed.

“Omba msamaha hapa sasa. Omba msamaha kwa watu wetu ambao walikufa kule Rift Valley,” he said.

It is then that South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro ran to the podium and began exchanging blows with Arati.

Photos shared on social media on Monday afternoon showed the two legislators going at it in a flurry of fists and kicks.

The fight forced the ceremony to come to a stand still as Kisii Governor James Ongwae attempted to call the meeting to order.

The two MPs were later escorted from of the podium by security officers and the funeral continued as earlier planned.

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