Senators Claim Parliament Frustrating Devolution

Senators Claim Parliament Frustrating Devolution

A section of members of the senate have faulted the national assembly for allegedly frustrating devolution.

Speaking in Kapenguria during a funds drive to help Lopoluk Women Group buy vehicles to ply the Kapenguria-Nairobi route, the senators accused Parliament of resisting efforts to empower counties, noting that their move is affecting county operations.

Senate Chief Whip Beatrice Elachi urged the Senate and the National Assembly to stop their rivalry and help devolution succeed.

“We should seek a permanent solution to the issues of division of revenue to prevent the push and pull witnessed this year,” she said.

Elachi called for a change in the formula used to allocate money to counties, including the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), saying the formula should be changed to ensure equity in the distribution of funds.

“It is wrong for the CDF kitty to operate without a proper formula. It is unfortunate that some constituencies are allocated more monies that others,” she noted.


On his part, West Pokot Senator Prof John Lonyangapuo faulted the National Assembly for taking away the Sh1 billion allocated to the Senate.

Lonyangapuo said that senators need enough money to carry out oversight roles in the counties, adding that it was malicious for MPs to ‘eat into’ senate’s budget to fund devolution.

West Pokot county governor Simon Kachapin said that for devolution to succeed, adequate funding to counties was paramount.

He said the rivalry between the two houses was affecting operations in the counties, adding that Senators and MPs should work hand in hand with governors to spur growth in the counties.

Kapenguria Member of Parliament Samuel Moroto, however, defended the National Assembly saying Kenyans should read and understand the Constitution.

Moroto called on senators and the county governments to dialogue so as to mend the strenuous relationship that has been synonymous with the two houses.