Senator Malala sheds tears as he pleads for extra security

Senator Malala sheds tears as he pleads for extra security

The Senate has directed Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai to enhance the security detail of Kakamega  Senator Cleophas Malala, who claims his life is in danger.

Malala on Monday said despite reporting to the police that his life is in danger, calls  to have his security beefed up have been ignored.

“I am a young father and husband… It is very disheartening for people to sit in a corner and think they can take my life. I humbly request this committee and the Inspector General of Police to take note that I have said time and again my life is in danger. I have written enough letters and called offices in this Republic but they have not taken any action even to give me extra security,” said Malala as he broke into tear.

“Nobody is willing to give me security Mr. Chair. It is sad for me to walk around the streets of Kakamega and Kenya knowing that I’m going to die the next day.”

Malala was speaking during a joint sitting of the Senate Committees on Justice, Legal Affairs and Human Rights and the National Security, Defence and Foreign Relations with the Inspector General of Police.

The session had been convened to have the IG Mutyambai respond to security concerns raised by Senator as well as other Senators.

Last month Malala wrote to Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai and Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti claiming that a secret and specialized squad unit code named ‘Bravo Zulu Yankee’ has been formed to trail and possibly harm him.

“As a result of those real and credible threats to harm, injure, eliminate or assassinate me, a Member of Parliament, I now request your office to take immediate action to enhance the security detail assigned to me including additional security provided immediately to my family and my residences in Kakamega and Nairobi,” Malala said in the letter.

Kamati ya bunge kuhusu usalama yataka Seneta Malala apewe ulinzi
Seneta wa Kakamega Cleophas Malala alalamika kuwa hana ulinzi
Malala alia katika kamati ya Seneti#SemaNaCitizen

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) September 14, 2020

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