Senate proposes special committee to hear Sonko impeachment case

Senate proposes special committee to hear Sonko impeachment case

The Senate leadership has proposed a special committee to hear and determine the charges against embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Its House Business Committee has recommended formation of an 11 member team to probe Sonko’s impeachment with the proposal to be tabled before the Senate on Wednesday.

The session is likely to determine Sonko’s fate after the Nairobi County Assembly voted for his ouster.

The Senate leadership is proposing formation of an 11-member team to probe the charges leveled against the governor.

Coalition parties in the Senate are also set to meet to propose committee members: Jubilee has six slots while the minority coalition NASA will nominate 5 members.

Nonetheless, the Senate will vote on whether to task the committee to handle the Sonko impeachment case or have the whole House determine Sonko’s fate.

In proposing formation of a special committee, the Senate House Business Committee cited COVID-19 regulations that limit gatherings.

Equally, the Senate leadership took cognizance of the fact that majority of the Senators are elderly and should be shielded from unnecessary exposure that could put them at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Already, there is a split among senators.

A section of Senators want Sonko’s impeachment motion to be heard by the whole Senate while others who want his ouster rubber-stamped are leaning towards the formation of a special committee.

Governor Sonko has expressed his reservation over facing a committee with his confidants claiming that he is fearful they will be manipulated to send him packing.

Should the Senate adopt a special committee, the members will have ten days within which to hear and determine the Sonko case and file its findings and recommendations for a vote.

The committee will grant both the Nairobi County Assembly and Governor Sonko a full day of hearing before retreating to compile its report.

However, should the Senate resolve to use the plenary, another special session will be called with the governor invited to give his defense.

After debate, the Senators will vote either to save or sack the governor who has fallen out of favor with the president for undermining the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) to undertake some of Sonko’s functions.