Semelang’o Locked Out Of Mathare By Election

The High Court has ruled that Semelang'o is not eligible to vie since he did not resign six months to the by-election.

Semelang'o was seeking orders to compel the electoral body to allow him contest in the by-election, arguing that he was locked out unfairly.

Semelang'o had argued that the law used to bar him from contesting because he did not resign six months to the by-election does not apply to him because he was sacked.

The independent electoral and boundaries commission which had initially set the by-election for Thursday postponed it to Monday next week following a court order to include Former Kasarani MP William Omondi in the ballot.

Omondi had been barred from contesting on grounds that he is a life member of the orange democratic movement party.

By Maureen Murimi