Schools to be closed, examiners arrested over exam cheating, Gov’t warns

Schools to be closed, examiners arrested over exam cheating, Gov’t warns

The government has warned that any person who tries to compromise this year’s primary and secondary national examinations will face the full wrath of the law.

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed said that all organs of state have pledged to ensure that the exams run smoothly.

“All exams will be free from any compromising factors,” said CS Amina speaking at the launch of 2018 national exams.

“Any supervisor, invigilator or security personnel who attempts to compromise exams will be apprehended immediately and charged in a court of law. All organs of state have pledged to support this critical process.”

Her sentiments were echoed by KNEC board chairman Professor George Magoha who warned that any exam center found cheating will be disqualified on the spot.

While announcing that cases of cheating had dropped, Prof. Magoha said examination center managers will held accountable if cases of cheating are detected.

“We all agree that leakage of exams is now past history because of your (government) support, support of teachers, security agencies, media and various organisations. The gap is now between container and exam room,” said Magoha.

“We have forewarned you, if we find out, we shall not wait. This time the easier way is once we find out that there is early exposure, hiyo mtihani inaishia hapo. (that exam ends there)”

Magoha also sounded the alarm on the circulation of fake exams on social media assuring teachers that the exam has not leaked.

“As I talk to you now, the fake exams have started circulating, they shall remain fake so please don’t waste your time confusing our children by looking at them,” said Magoha.

“Don’t waste too much time on past papers, just go back to the syllabus and revise some of the topics. If you are stupid, you will start hoping that some of the exams circulating in the social media are worth looking at.”