Sarah Wairimu seeks access to her home to pick up personal effects, two dogs

Sarah Wairimu seeks access to her home to pick up personal effects, two dogs

Sarah Wairimu, the embattled wife of late Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen, on Wednesday filed a formal application seeking to be granted access to her house in order to take some of her personal belongings.

Sarah, according to court papers seen by Citizen Digital, wants to be allowed to pick up – among other things – her two dogs Major and Snow, a Labrador/Rottweiler breed and a Doberman breed respectively.

She also wants access to her house to pick her clothes, shoes, handbags, grooming tools and wearable items as well as her music collection and golfing equipment.

Sarah further wants the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to release her motor vehicle to her and to make arrangement for dust covers to be placed on all furniture in the house.

Among other items she wants to collect from the house include; a generator, food stuff and beverages of a perishable nature including alcoholic and soft drinks stored in the kitchen and her office.

Others are electronics (including music system and television sets), books, personal photographs, pictures, artwork, and files.

Sarah, in the application filed by lawyer Phillip Murgor, said she has been forced to purchase new clothes in an effort to make do and has had to depend on goodwill from friends and family when travelling to and from court and on business jointly owned with her late husband Tob Cohen.

“The applicant has lost a significant source of income and is therefore only capable of meeting her immediate subsistence needs and is constrained to further meet the cost of the purchase of new items,” read court papers.

She also accused the DCI of not serving her with the inventory of her home, adding that she is apprehensive as to the security of her house and her valuable items.

Arguing thet she is presumed innocent until proven guilty, Sarah said she should therefore be allowed to keep the fabric of her life intact, which include the right to maintain employment, drive her car, have access to her clothes and accessories and other facilities in her home.

“DCI is in illegal possession of the applicant’s home and her property which amounts to a gross violation of the applicant’s right to property under the constitution,” added court papers.

Sarah and her co-accused, businessman Peter Karanja, on Tuesday pleaded afresh to murder charges, during which they denied killing Tob Cohen between July 19 and July 20 at an unknown place.

This was after the court allowed the application by the prosecution to consolidate the two charges ruling that they are similar.

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